The Original Donut Shop Coffee x Snickers

We did it! We combined the world’s best treats into a mug of steamin’ hot coffee. In this debut spot, we play up the delicious significance of our biggest breakthrough yet: Snickers-flavored coffee. 

Twitter Takeover
We hosted a 24 hr takeover on Twitter and invited fans to drop in new collab ideas. We live-time mocked up people’s suggestions. And verified fans like Skittles, Canada Dry, and even Teletubbies jumped in on the fun. Here are some of the weirder comps I’ve done. Ey-oh!

Executive Creative Director / Yo Umeda
Creative Director / Daniel Beaudoing
Art Director / Dan Minton
Designer / Natalie Krakirian
Associate Creative Director (CW) / Stephie Coplan
Packaging Designer / Jeff Ferland

Bai x Sydney Sweeney

What happens when devout water drinker Sydney Sweeney takes her first sip of Bai? A wondrous fever dream of all the flavorful, hydrating possibilities ahead of her. Guess they don’t call it “WonderWater” for nothing.

We squeezed out a full visual library of Sydney looking fabulously hydrated.

Executive Creative Director / Yo Umeda
Creative Director / Daniel Beaudoing
Art Director / Misung Kwon
Ultimate Kronos Group

A workplace full of happy employees who feel supported and appreciated? That’s a thing of beauty. In fact, it’s a work of art. And with their people-focused, industry-leading HR and workforce management tech solutions, Ultimate Kronos Group can help you turn your business into a masterpiece.

Diversity and Inclusion

As a supporting piece, UKG shows unity in diversity through the lens of morning routines all set behind a beautiful cover of Manic Monday.

Chief Creative Officer / Gavin Lester
Creative Director / Matt Sherman
Sr Copywriter / David Satterfield

Featured on ad of the week and adweek 

Uber Eats x SXSW

At the intersection of their favorite food and music, we served our audience a catered experience at SXSW: Let’s Eats. Captured in a four-part episodic series, we partnered with beloved chefs Roy Choi and David Chang to host experiential meals, while chart-toppers Billie Eilish, Virgil Abloh, and Khalid gave free concerts.

We captured tons of content and squeezed out 4 episodes.

I designed a custom library of gifs for Social, animated by The Little Labs.  

Creative Director / Cam DeArmond
Creative Strategist / Veronica Turner
Animator / Audrey Aquino
Illustration Animation / The Little Labs
Designer / Tin Tran

Stop the Spread of Covid 19

Empty shelves can cause anxiety, so we replaced empty space in some of our local stores with friendly and reassuring signage featuring icons of products that are now frequently missing.  A vendor saw our shelf work and donated half a million in billboards to help us spread the word, and not covid. We hope you never saw our billboards.

Creative Director / Matt Sherman
Sr Copywriter / Kristi Lira
Sr Art Director / Julie Soluri

Featured in Muse by Clio and The One Club SD.